Michigan Bible School

A Tuition Free School of
Advanced Biblical Studies

Enroll by calling Church of Christ-West: (734) 451-1877.

Indicate for CREDIT (toward certificate) or AUDIT.

Note: That you gain more knowledge if you take a

course for credit, rather than audit.


    Tuesday Evenings, 7 to 9:15 PM,

    Jan 15 thru May 7 2018


    1st & 2nd Corinthians

    No church of the Lord is without problems.  How God’s people confront life’s challenges will determine their spiritual success or failure.  These two epistles were written to assist a problem plagued congregation of the first century, but since human nature remains the same the lessons are just as relevant and helpful for saints in the twenty-first century.  Christ’s concern and counsel regarding religious unity, church discipline, marriage, divorce and remarriage, the divinely appointed place for miracles, the resurrection, the greater glory of the New Testament over the Old, attitudes toward giving, and more are set forth in both epistles.  Time permitting, we will devote detailed attention to each area of study.  This is a 2-credit hour class and is required for a certificate.

    Text Book Required: New Testament
    Instructor: Bruce Harris

2019 Bible School (PDF)


Where:  The facilities of the Church of Christ – West, 291 E. Spring Street, Plymouth, MI

  Cost:    Tuition-free. Cost may be for textbooks only.

Who:    All interested in increasing their skills as Bible teachers or church leaders, and/or for personal enrichment as Bible students. We encourage both men and women to enroll.


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